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To tell a good story, you need good writers.

That was the idea, anyway, when Ryan Brock founded Metonymy Media–an agency of creative writers–in 2011. Since then, the company has focused on creating new career opportunities for college-educated creative writers by connecting them with businesses and organizations with a need for engaging, unique, and genuine content. 

What began as a freelance writing experiment for Brock became a full-fledged business, and Metonymy Media currently employs a team of five writers-as-marketers-as-educators who are always hungry for a new story to tell.

For Brock, taking on the role of small business owner was a complete, if not happy, accident. With a background in writing, philosophy, religion, and classics, Brock was up to the challenge of building a strong company of writers with a novel approach to copywriting, content marketing, and writing education. Over the years, the company’s work has continued to speak for itself as new clients and opportunities present themselves.

“We really stumbled through a lot of the early hurdles of starting a business,” says Brock. “In hindsight, we’re lucky we knew what we were doing from a writing and culture standpoint.”

But it became clear as the company matured that there was a need to take a more strategic approach to building Metonymy’s business. Not content with simply waiting for the next bigclient to fall into their laps, Brock hired Darcy Lee in 2014 to take over as Director of Accounts and Business Development. In her position, Lee brought her years of experience in the agency world to bear both on Metonymy’s business model and on their approach to finding new clients.

The first step along that journey? Engage with the Indy Chamber. Lee’s prior experience with Greater Fort Wayne taught her that business is all about relationships, and the writing business is no exception.

“I knew my job was two-fold,” says Lee. “First, I needed to get our story­ as a company out into this community. Second, I needed to get a pulse on where the action is in Indianapolis business. Who has a good story to tell? Who is growing? Where can Metonymy really put our writers to work in an impactful way? To me, it was a no-brainer to begin answering those questions with the Chamber’s help.” 

Since joining in late 2014, Metonymy Media has taken full advantage of the Indy Chamber’s many offerings to small businesses, from attending networking events to registering for conferences and advertising with the organization’s publications.

The company continues its relationship with the Indy Chamber, ultimately, because to be an effective storyteller requires an inspiring community. That source of inspiration, the connection to other businesses looking to build something and improve life for people throughout the city, is an invaluable and irreplaceable service the Indy Chamber provides Metonymy Media every day, and for this company, it’s part of what makes Indianapolis an ideal place to do business.

“There’s a lot of amazing stuff happening in this city,” Brock says. “With the Chamber’s help, we plan on helping to tell those stories for years to come.”

By: Ryan Brock

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