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Combine everything that is good about Indianapolis, add some popcorn, and you’ve got the formula for Just Pop In! Maybe we are embellishing a little, but when you have flavors inspired by Sun King Brewery, Smoking Goose, Hoosier Mama, and Homespun, just to name a few, it’s hard not to brag.

Inspired by evenings making popcorn on the stove with their grandpa, co-owners (and twins) Mandy and Carly wanted to start a business that had meaning close to their hearts. “We wanted to do something we were passionate about. Popcorn is the catalyst to so many things that are meaningful to us in life,” Carly said.

Both artistic and creative, Mandy and Carly decided to launch Just Pop In! after working six years in the corporate world. The new opportunity gave them the chance to utilize their creativity by coming up with recipes, packaging and logo designs, and a business model.  Their business model isapparent in everything they do.

“We wanted to create an environment that speaks to our philanthropic interests, creating a platform to support our efforts,” said Carly. “We also wanted to engage the community by partnering with local businesses to bring awareness to how awesome Indy is. 

As Indy Chamber members, this popcorn loving pair has been able to make connections that have inspired a few of their popcorn creations. Without the opportunity to form these relationships we may have never known the Just Pop In! local flavors. Think Sun King’s Osiris beer, in popcorn form, and smothered in dark chocolate. Yum!

This dynamic duo has not only brought a fun-loving, colorful and unique popcorn brand to Indianapolis, but they have also ‘popped’ nationally.  By partnering with companies and events such as Dior, Vera Bradley, and the PGA tour, Mandy and Carly have had the opportunity to bring their creativity and fun to a much larger audience.

Popcorn may be their business, but Carly and Mandy make popcorn fun and they want you to have fun, enjoying their treats with friends and family.

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