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Trine University has a commitment to excellence formed by a foundation of experience. The university takes pride in “It’s a Trine Thing,” which expresses their level of quality going above and beyond for its students. 

Now, historic Trine University’s Avon campus has expanded its footprint, bringing more educational opportunities to central Indiana. Trine offers graduate degrees to professionals seeking advancement, as well as undergraduate degrees. The university also accepts credits from other institutions in addition to credits for professional experience.

“We see a lot of students going back to school for courses that will help them get promoted in their current job. In fact one recent grad reached out to let me know he has been promoted twice since he obtained his graduate degree at Trine,” says Whitney Doyle Driver, Director of Graduate Enrollment at Trine University. “Our campus in Avon is ideal for working professionals because we work closely with the students to get them as many credits as possible coming into the program.”

As an added incentive, if you or your company belong to the Indy Chamber, a $100 discount per credit hour is available for any of the graduate degree programs at Trine in Avon! Each class is built to be completed within one year and are available both online and in the classroom, helping fit the busy schedules of working professionals and full-time students alike.

A graduate of Trine and a student enrolled in a Trine graduate program herself, Driver is appreciative of the flexible schedule that the graduate program allows.

“Life happens, and Trine understands that,” she says. “Graduate programs are accelerated with two eight-week terms per semester. Because they are accelerated, students are able to accomplish a graduate degree within one year while still juggling family, life and work at the same time. 

So how has Trine University, an actively engaged Indy Chamber member seen benefits from their membership?

“Being a part of the Indy Chamber allows me to network, connect with the business community, and promote Trine’s graduate programs in Avon,” said Driver, “The discount program is a huge benefit of an Indy Chamber membership”.

To learn more about the School of Graduate Studies at Trine University in Avon, visit www.trine.edu/adult-studies/degrees/graduate/ or contact Whitney Doyle Driver at [email protected].


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