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For entrepreneurs and employers, time is often the most valuable - and scarce - resource. Today, the Indy Chamber's Business Acceleration Team launched a new online tool that slashes the amount of time required to open or expand a business in Marion County: OpenCounter Indy allows companies to apply for permits, licenses, and navigate other city agencies and processes with a few clicks and keystrokes. 

Part of the Indianapolis Business Acceleration Team initiative, OpenCounter Indy aims to replace in-person visits to city agencies like the Departments of Code Enforcement and Metropolitan Development with the convenience of a secure online session.

The OpenCounter portal provides each applicant with a customized outline of the necessary permits, project licenses and fees, detailing relevant zoning and other rules while collecting the data that local governments require to ensure public health and safety.

OpenCounter Indy is available in both English and Spanish. To learn more about OpenCounter Indy visit: or contact Jim Rawlinson at [email protected] or 317.464.2262. 

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