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By Shad Tidler, Lushin, Inc.

I've been racing triathlons for the past decade and have had a lot of experiences along the way that relate to selling. When I first started, many of the triathlons were organized by local cities. These days, the Ironman Corporations organize most triathlons. One aspect that has stood out during this shift is how different the overall buying and customer service experience has been since Ironman has taken over.

In the early years, local organizations added to the stress of training and racing for many athletes due to lack of clear information or strong management. Race course maps were often unclear or even inaccurate. I ran numerous races where there weren’t enough volunteers to prove nutrition and hydration to athletes at key points along the course. These races left many athletes feeling overwhelmed and under serviced, and some chose not to return.

Fast forward to today. Since Ironman took over, the experience has been much more rewarding. From the moment you place your order online, the defined process and overall level of service is apparent. They provide you with training and race information multiple times before you arrive to the race location on race weekend. 

Upon arrival, it continues with a whole village for the athletes—where you get everything you need for race day, lots of swag for participating, additional information on the race, and an athlete briefing where any last minute questions are answered.

On race day, everything is organized and timed down to the second. Volunteers are everywhere along the course providing nutrition and hydration for all of the athletes, and medical personnel are close by for any accidents that may occur. It’s more of an experience than a race. All of the participants and spectators walk away saying, “Wow, that was truly amazing!”

Think about that and ask yourself, “What are your people doing to give your prospects and customers that ‘wow’ experience? How much are your people differentiating themselves from the competition through your selling and servicing process?” 

Take a look at your sales process and the experience you are delivering. A few simple tweaks for clarity and confidence, and you’re likely to cross the finish line first.

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