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TalentGrade.com is happy to offer a 1-month FREE trial to all Chamber members. With this free trial, your company will be able hire better talent faster by allowing you to quickly view a pre-interview assessment in the form of a short video, audio, or work sample submission from applicants. This simple process allow you to get a better first impression of the applicant’s relevant skills BEFORE conducting a phone screen or an in-person interview which dramatically reduces time and cost.

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News Alert from Lanteigne Tailored Planning: Bank Failures Shine Light on Interest Rate Risks

Financial markets reacted turbulently to the collapse of Silicon Valley Bank (SVB) on March 10, 2023, followed two days later by the failure of Signature Bank of New York. With $209 billion in assets and $175 billion in deposits, SVB was the nation's 16th largest bank and the second largest to fail in U.S. history.1-2

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