Indiana Company’s SafeVisitor and SafeVendor Systems Protect Employees and Control Access to Facilities

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DANVILLE, INDIANA, September 28 -- Would you know if the man who maintains your company’s vending machines has multiple theft convictions? Would you think twice about allowing someone to tour your office if you knew she was a registered sex offender? Until recently, business owners and managers simply had to assume that vendors and visitors could be trusted. Now, thanks to a system developed by Danville-based Safe Hiring Solutions, they can obtain verification.

The SafeVisitor and SafeVendor systems are the only visitor and vendor access solution with automated access to a thorough background screening process, giving companies a faster, more accurate way to ensure that visitors to their facilities and vendors working in those facilities do not pose a danger to employees.

“As a complete solution, SafeVisitor and SafeVendor give companies an automated process for pre-approving temporary visitors, volunteers and vendors,” says Mike McCarty, Chief Executive Officer of Safe Hiring Solutions, “while connecting that process with the extensive background screening resources offered by Safe Hiring Solutions.”

Before being authorized to work in a company’s facility, vendor employees complete a pre-credentialing check through SafeVendor’s online gateway. The applications are then reviewed by Safe Hiring Solutions to determine whether there is anything in the individual’s past that should be brought to the company’s attention.  If the background check reveals nothing, the employee is approved. “This way, the company may need to review only a small percentage of applications, instead of all them, which saves time,” McCarty explains. “Each company can set its own standards for what may exclude a vendor’s employee.”

If the employee is approved, he or she receives an email with a temporary ID. “The first time the vendor arrives at the facility, the ID is scanned, and the system will note that a photograph is needed,” McCarty notes. “The webcam will automatically take the photo and forward a new photo ID to the employee. Each time the employee enters or leaves the facility, he or she will scan the ID.” That way, the company knows exactly who is present in the event of a fire, weather emergency, or other security issue. When vendors scan their IDs, the system brings their photos on the screen so the person at the front desk can verify their identity.

Occasional visitors to the company are handled differently, he adds. “When an occasional visitor shows up, the system scans the barcode on his or her driver’s license or other government-issued ID and instantly performs a national sex offender registry check. It then prints a self-expiring ID badge and logs the time of entry. When the visitor leaves, he or she scans that badge, and the information is recorded.”

SafeVisitor and SafeVendor have been extensively field tested in both public school and distribution center environments, McCarty says. “They work equally well in applications with single entry points and multiple locations. The technology makes it easy for us to adapt the systems to each company’s specific needs, and to tailor the background screening to focus on specific concerns.”

Safe Hiring Solutions (, an Inc. 5000 company, is one of the industry’s most thorough background check, employment screening, investigation, and verification firms. It serves corporations, schools, hospitals, churches, property owners, leasing managers and non-profit organizations throughout the world. The company has earned a reputation for going beyond the typical background screening orcriminal records search by providing a customized, in-depth solution for each client.



Mike McCarty
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