Indy Chamber BAC Makes Endorsement in Indianapolis Mayoral, Council Races

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INDIANAPOLIS (September 23, 2015) - The Indy Chamber's Business Advocacy Committee (BAC) today announced its endorsement of Joe Hogsett, Democrat candidate for Indianapolis Mayor, as well as several other candidates for Indianapolis City-County Council including current council president Maggie Lewis (D) and minority leader Michael McQuillen (R). 

"We believe these candidates have the vision to continue the great momentum our city has seen recently in cultivating a competitive business environment that is attractive to talent and encourages our home-grown entrepreneurs," said Melissa Proffitt, chair of the Indy Chamber's BAC. "Our committee was encouraged by discussions with candidates on both sides of the political spectrum and believe our political, civic and business leaders have a shared nonpartisan vision for the future of Indianapolis."

The BAC, made up of Indy Chamber members, engaged in a process over the last eight months to review candidates for Indianapolis Mayor and City-County Council. All candidates who had filed for office were invited to participate in the endorsement process by completing a questionnaire focused on the Indy Chamber's top issues, including education/workforce, transit, fiscal policy and more. In the most competitive races, the BAC made an in-depth review of voting records, and in certain instances, invited candidates to interview as part of the endorsement process. 

"The Indy Chamber has an ambitious agenda that seeks to increase opportunity for businesses and to grow the local economy. Our key issues for the next few years include the development of a regional mass transit system and expanded early childhood education in Central Indiana," said Michael Huber, president and CEO of the Indy Chamber. "Our Business Advocacy Committee approached this endorsement process with an eye out for leaders who share our philosophies, who have an appetite for innovation and measured risk-taking, and who will collaborate with our business community as we work together for the betterment of our region." 

Based on a combination of voting records for key issues, questionnaire responses, and interviews, the BAC voted to make endorsements in 11 of the 25 Indianapolis City-County Council races, including five Republicans and six Democrats:

  • District 2 - Kip Tew (D)
  • District 3 - Pamela Hickman (D)
  • District 4 - Michael McQuillen (R)
  • District 6 - Janice McHenry (R)
  • District 10 - Maggie Lewis (D)
  • District 11 - Vop Osili (D)
  • District 12 - Blake Johnson (D)
  • District 16 - Jeff Miller (R)
  • District 19 - Ben Hunter (R)
  • District 21 - Frank Mascari (D)
  • District 23 - Scott Kreider (R) 

About the Business Advocacy Committee 

The Indy Chamber's Business Advocacy Committee is a non-partisan, independent political action committee that supports candidates and elected officials who endorse responsible government, free enterprise and a pro-business, pro-economic growth environment. This committee is actively involved in fundraising to support pro-business candidates and business-friendly issues. 

Click here for more information on the Indy Chamber's BAC. 


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