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Indy Chamber member Sustainable Nutrition International (SNI) has invested time, research and resources into remediating chronic malnutrition  in infants in Guatemala, the most malnourished country in South America. With a global reach, SNI relies on connections made here in Indianapolis to uphold their transformative mission to feed children for a lifetime, not just a day.

Jessica White, Executive Director for SNI, says that an Indy Chamber membership not only provides SNI with important business connections, but also has a willingness to help and positive attitude.

White says there is a huge opportunity for Indiana businesses to get involved in a partnership with SNI to help change the face of malnutrition forever, both domestically and abroad.

To address malnutrition, Dr. Glenn H. Sullivan, Co-Founder of SNI, developed Nutra-Iso™, a proprietary, bioactive nutraceutical derivative of rice bran that has been proven in ‘field clinical trials’ to reverse the effects of chronic malnutrition in children. Bioavailable, nutrient-rich rice bran extracts are added to water or milk to give infants the nutrients they need to thrive. Almost every country grows rice, so the rice bran is a source of nutrition that every country can benefit from.

Proper nutrition is critical during the first 36 months of life. Malnutrition can cause irreversible damage, like stunted physical growth, decreased cognitive ability, and increased risk of degenerative diseases.  SNI firmly believes that infants should receive proper nutrition during the first stages of life where it can make the most difference. “Just sending food is the old way. Our goal is to change the life of a child not just for a day, but for a lifetime,” says White.

Since Guatemala has the 4th highest rate of child malnutrition in the world and has the highest rate of malnutrition in South America, SNI chose to begin administering their rice bran formula here to make the most difference. SNI plans to build a manufacturing plant in Nicaragua to expand their presence into malnourished countries.

If you would like to learn more and see how you can help, please visit http://www.sustainable-nutrition-intl.org/.

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