Talent in Changing. How will you bring them in?

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Join Conner Insurance, Truth at Work and EDGE with Dr. Tim Elmore: THE NEXT TALENT CHALLENGE: TURNING POTENTIAL INTO PERFORMANCE Tuesday, July 28th from 8:30 a.m. to 10:00 a.m., registration at 8:00 a.m., THE HIVE AT Christian Theological Seminary located at 1000 W 42nd Street, Indianapolis, IN 46208.

The emerging workforce segment made up of students and young professionals born after 1980, dubbed “Millennials,” has proven a unique challenge to employers. With the companies who successfully engage and retain this generation being uniquely positioned to utilize this emerging talent pool, understanding Millennials is vital to the continued, future success of modern companies. Join us with Dr. Tim Elmore, leading authority on understanding the next generation of the workforce, to learn how to attract and retain the next generation of workforce leadership at your organization through: • Learning why Millennials think as they do • Learning what makes Millennials different than members of other generations in their approach to work • Equipping them with the skills to think and act like authentic leaders • Capitalizing on their strengths and minimizing their weaknesses Dr. Tim Elmore is an international speaker, bestselling author and passionate teacher. His nonprofit, Growing Leaders, helps create and develop young, emerging leaders. He works passionately to equip students and young professionals for career success through leadership skills, and to equip businesses for success through teaching how to successfully utilize young talent.

Learn more growingleaders.com/tim-elmore. RESERVE YOUR SPACE BY JULY 18 AT CONNERINS.COM/UPCOMING-EVENTS.

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