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The creative and generational <3INDY t-shirt features the popular text symbol for love (<3) and is a simple way to showcase a love for Indianapolis. These unique t-shirts are $20 and will be sold in local retail stores, including: Retro 101, Art + Supply at The Alexander, Pattern, Silver in the City, Queen Bee Vintage and James Dant; online at; and through corporate sales. Net proceeds will benefit Buckingham Foundation, thephilanthropic partner of Buckingham Companies.

Indy Chamber members are invited to show their <3 of Indy by purchasing t-shirts for employees, colleagues and clients at a special discounted price. Customized t-shirts with corporate logos are also available.

Buckingham Foundation is initiating positive change in Indianapolis by supporting community development, affordable housing, and arts and culture. Plan 2020 is the Bicentennial Plan for Indy – a pioneering planning process designed to make Indianapolis a better place to live, work and visit.

Join the movement and show your <3 (love) for Indy today. For more information or to order your shirts, email [email protected]

Buckingham Foundation & Plan 2020 are collaborating to put money back into our community through the sale of the new t-shirt. The “Love Indy” initiative, launched earlier this year with a citywide t-shirt design contest, has grown into a regional campaign to benefit the fight against childhood hunger. Buckingham Companies won the design contest and quickly decided to turn their win into a win for the community. 

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