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A local healthcare provider will be opening up a second location. Expedite Health Care, which has a primary location at W 84th St, will be opening a second location at 3855 E 96th St. It is part of a growing nationwide trend of primary care clinics, those that offer direct services to their patients through a monthly fee without government or insurance company reimbursement.

CEO Brose McVey says the new facility is about comfort, privacy and convenience. It will include three exam rooms, plus two consult rooms for coaching, consultation and appointments with a licensed clinical social worker. There is no waiting room in the primary care suite, and consultations are scheduled to a minimum of 20 minutes, with a goal of minimal to no wait time. Expedite’s new location will also dispense a significant list of generic prescription medications and an extensive list of lab services.

“The whole idea here is to create a very soft, very comfortable residential type of flavor to it,” McVey said. The space also has technology in mind, with flat screen TV’s in the consultation rooms showing data, X-rays, and patient teleconferences. There are also electronic devices to keep track of medical records. Two areas that McVey emphasizes patients will save money on at his facility are on X-rays and lab tests, with single view chest X-rays being around $50, for example. It’sless than the average of these tests as determined by newchoicehealth.com, which totals $114 in the Indianapolis area when comparing 48 providers. Most of the most popular lab tests are either covered in the annual screening with the monthly fee, or from $10 to $20. Expedite can also recommend orthopedic and specialty services as well. “We just feel very strongly that if we can take the sting out of that for people and make that a very predictable budget line item, they’re going to save a lot,” McVey said.

Expedite is going to be hosting OPEN HOUSES. Readers can find details of these openings and RSVP for them at http://expeditehealthcare/rsvp.com.

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