The End is Near!

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The final countdown. The bottom of the ninth. The homestretch.  No matter the analogy, the fact is, legislators are feverishly working toward the final days of the 2015 Legislative Session. 

Despite the ticking clock, the first full week of conference committees appeared to be business as usual. Both the House and Senate sped through bill concurrences like they were late for dinner with expectations that an avalanche of bills will descend on the floors of the House and Senate next Monday and Tuesday. Debates on both education reform and gaming are likely in the final days of Session.

Saving the best for last…the final budget compromise is expected to be released on Tuesday before both Democrats and Republicans caucus in preparation for the final debate. We expect backing for the school funding formula and Regional Cities Initiative to be a big part of the final budget debate.

Check back next week for our complete final report for the 2015 Legislative Session. You can still check out our Mid-Session Report if you want to see what progress was made in the second half. 

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