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The Plan 2020 Initiative is a collaboration between the Greater Indianapolis Progress Committee, the City of Indianapolis, the Indy Chamber, and community leaders to make Indianapolis a better place to live, work, and visit.

In December, the Plan 2020 team released the working draft of the Bicentennial Agenda: Building an Authentic City Life. Once complete this spring, the Bicentennial Agenda will serve as the compelling vision for Marion County. The working draft Agenda is the first of five parts of the Bicentennial Plan—a component of the larger Plan 2020 Initiative—to be completed. It serves as the values component and guiding inspiration for six technical city plans that are also being updated or created as part of the larger Plan 2020 Initiative.

The Plan 2020 team encourages citizens to view, download, and comment on the working draft and to consider the following questions: Are the recommendations introduced throughout the working draft the best approach to advancing the City of Indianapolis into the next century? Is it clear what is being said? Could it be said better?

Based on the community feedback received, the Plan 2020 team will revise and significantly expand the Agenda to include additional data, rationale, information, and graphics. Your help is appreciated!

For more information, please visit www.plan2020.com, or contact Plan 2020 Co-Manager Brooke Thomas.

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