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Lesson.ly wrote a lesson plan, and it is filled with success

Lesson.ly has made their rise look as easy as the training software they provide their clients. Within its first two years, the small, Indianapolis-based start-up company has written its own lesson plan – and that plan includes creating an easy-to-use product that solves a real customer need.

According to Mitch Causey, Lesson.ly’s marketing director, the company identified a need for a more modern online training solution and then created an easy-to-use product that filled that market void. Pointing to outdated, unsupported and challenging options for the corporate trainer, Lesson.ly seized upon fresh ideas, creativity and the belief it could create — and sell — a better online software solution to help businesses train their teams with minimal effort.

Founded in 2012, Lesson.ly's training software helps businesses create moreefficient processes around new employee onboarding, customer support training and sales enablement training. With simple tools to build, share and track lessons and courses, Lesson.ly is everything a company needs to get teams up-to-speed quickly and keep them there.

With support from Develop Indy, Indy Chamber, and significant key investors, Lesson.ly has grown its revenue 25 percent month-over-month for the past six months. Expanding at a rapid pace, the company is quickly approaching 100 customers – working with businesses such as Lyft, Angie's list, BambooHR, Indiana University, Stripe, and ModCloth.

Causey credits the company’s relationship with the Indy Chamber and Develop Indy with helping a group of “young professionals build their dream.” Opening doors to key investors, hosting networking events, and supporting the company from its infancy, the Indy Chamber has been a strong advocate for Lesson.ly.

“We are extremely thankful for where we started and where we are today,” said Causey. “This is something special to us. We’re inspired and motivated by our product and our company, and we’re poised to take things to the next level.”

Recently closing out a $1.1 million round of funding, others believe in the company as well. Given their model and market, the lesson for Lesson.ly is to expand its talented team and share its solution with more of the world. As Causey explained, “Companies come to us every day with this raw excitement, because we offer the training solution they’ve been looking for for so long. We are filling a real need, and there are so many others out there who we can help. That reality drives us.”

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