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To be successful in today’s business world, senior leaders, supervisors, and co-workers alike must engage and invest in learning and development opportunities to enhance growth (self and others), reveal ‘blind spots’ and master the power of leveraging differences.  

Today’s workplace often times includes four different generations, a variety of cultures, ethnicities and languages, people with disabilities, veterans, thinking styles, work styles, communication styles, race, gender, sexual orientation and the list goes on.  Leaders know that investing in learning and development opportunities increases the Emotional Intelligence (EQ) of their employees.  This, in turn, reduces barriers and increases employee engagement, productivity, and retention; all of which positively impact the bottom line.   

We invite you to take advantage of the team building and leadership training offered by the Indy Chamber. Our in-house expert, Toni Neely, is an experienced and skilled facilitator who is certified in the several training modalities. Indy Chamber members can choose from the following subject matter areas:               

  • Team building
  • Leadership development
  • Diversity and inclusion
  • Sales

After a short preliminary planning meeting to cover your goals, Toni will lead your team through interactive exercises in a fun and relaxed atmosphere. Schedule your session today by contacting Toni at tneely@indychamber.com

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