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The Brookings Institution's Metropolitan Policy Program recently released a profile of and an analysis of the impact of the foreign student population in the Indianapolis region as part of its Global Cities Initiative, a joint project of The Brookings Institution and JPMorgan Chase. 

The Geography of Foreign Students in U.S. Higher Education: Origins and Destinations analyzes the more than 3,000 foreign student population in the Indianapolis region between 2008 and 2012 and highlights ways local leaders can leverage these students’ education and experiences to bring revenue and global connections to the region’s economy.

Since late 2013, the Indy Chamber has been part of the Global Cities Initiative's Exchange, a network of metropolitan areas working to strengthen their international economic connections and competitiveness, through exports, foreign direct investment, and other initiatives. The Indy Chamber's Global Cities Initiative Exchange team will use this new foreign students data to improve the region’s strategies for global engagement.

Foreign students act as important service exports, bringing revenue into local economies through students’ tuitionand living costs. These students also offer valuable relationships and knowledge of the cultural norms and business practices of their origin locations, and can serve as a bridge to help globalize local economies. When properly leveraged, these metro-to-metro and interpersonal connections can help facilitate global economic transactions such as exports and foreign direct investment.

Get a glimpse of the Indianapolis region’s data below.






Launched in 2012, the Global Cities Exchange Initiative is a five-year joint project of Brookings and JPMorgan Chase aimed at helping city and metropolitan leaders become more globally fluent by providing an in-depth and data-driven look at their regional standing on crucial global economic measures, highlighting best policy and practice innovations from around the world, and creating an international network of leaders who ultimately trade and grow together. For more information please visit or

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