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In today’s world of 24-hour, fast paced technology, connecting with colleagues and clients around the world can be a simple keystroke away. Because of this, businesses must think bigger when it comes to opportunities to connect, promote and grow their global presence. 

Opened in May 2014, the IU China Office opens the world to Indiana, and Indiana to the world, resulting in deeper understanding of global interconnections. These offices aim to support scholarly research, conferences, study abroad programs, student recruitment activities, executive and corporate training, and more.

The Indianapolis business community can benefit from IU’s increased activity with emerging economies like China and India and their distinctive markets. In cultures where face-to-face interactions are especially valued, the offices are expected to enhance recruitment, grants, and effective partnerships and the many other dimensions of human relationships that are not possible by relying on email and Skype. 

More than 70 percent of the world’s purchasing power lies outside the United States. Providing a cultural, social, and economic understanding of emerging markets in China and India is an increasingly important activity of IU, and is a priority of the IU strategic planning process.

IU’s Indianapolis and Bloomington campuses continue to deepen ties with China. By extending the university's physical presence with offices around the world, the gateway office furthers IUPUI’s and IU’s already deep links to China (which date back morethan 100 years).

Approximately 40 percent of IU’s 8,000 international students are from China.  (22 percent of the 1,837 international students at IUPUI and 50 percent of the 6,147 at IU Bloomington.)

International student enrollment brings tangible economic benefits to Indianapolis estimated at $62 million and 874 jobs created in 2012. Intangible “soft benefits” also enrich the region by expanding cultural understanding, global perspectives and more.

Additionally, there are more than 4,000 IU and IUPUI alumni affiliated with China. IUPUI is home to the Confucius Institute of Indianapolis which promotes the teaching of Chinese language and culture in central Indiana. And renowned academic programs on China are found on the IU Bloomington campus.

The IU China Office aligns with the university’s broader international strategic plan to increase global student mobility, both incoming and outgoing.  As a modest office (not a branch campus), it will give IU faculty and students greater access to opportunities in China, and at the same time allow China-based students, alumni, and university partners to connect directly with IU.

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