Indy Chamber Commits to Engagement in Plan 2020 Initiatives

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In support of Plan 2020, the Indy Chamber is leading several initiatives:

Comprehensive Economic Development Strategies (CEDS)

What is it?
In Q1 2015, the Indy Chamber will launch Indy's CEDS program, an economic roadmap involving the collaboration of both the public and private sectors. The launch of this initiative is the culmination of years of economic development work and strategic planning.

What will come out of this plan?
A plan of action for the Indy region's economic development efforts to include:

  • Measurable performance indicators
  • Focus on key issues that affect the success of economic development like transportation, workforce, technology, etc.
  • Partnerships amongstpublic and private entities
  • A stronger, united economic development team with which to go to market

Public Policy Initiatives

What is it?
The Indy Chamber is the business community's leading advocate, lobbying on behalf of issues that impact our business climate, livability, and government policy that affect the Indy region.

What will come out of these advocacy efforts?

  • Continued collaboration with institutions such Indianapolis Public Schools on policy initiatives
  • Support for legislation for friendly business climate 
  • Continued support for mass transit
  • Lobbying for smart infrastructure projects
  • Support new legislation that grows small business

Small Business Growth

Why is this important?

  • Small businesses employ nearly 60 percent of the nation's workforce
  • A healthy small business community encourages innovation, attracts young professionals, and leads to more active neighborhoods.

What are we doing to support small business?
The Indy Chamber is home to a comprehensive small business resource center with services from Business Ownership Initiative, Central Indiana Women's Business Center, and the Central Indiana Small Business Development Center.

These resources collectively offer:

  • Free one-on-one business coaching
  • Loan prep consultation
  • Microloan fund
  • Small business workshops
  • Export plan assistance
  • Regulatory and permitting assistance (Indianapolis)

In early 2015, the Indy Chamber, in conjunction with the City of Indianapolis will launch a one stop shop online resource for business owners to navigate the business launch, support, and permitting processes.

Live Indy

Why is talent important to Indy?
Quality workforce is a competitive advantage for companies. Retaining and attracting talent is important to both Indy's businesses and companies looking to relocate their operations or grow their business here.

What are we doing to attract talent to Indy?

  • Providing our expertise to identify and overcome challenges in our educational system, and supporting programs and initiatives that provide quality educational opportunities to youth.
  • Investing in mass transit initiatives.
  • Supporting improved infrastructure and unique amenities like the Indianapolis Cultural Trail, the Indiana Pacers Bikeshare, and BlueIndy, an electric carshare program. 
  • Working with partner organizations to create a marketing strategy to attract new residents to Indy.
  • Supporting emerging industries like fashion and food in Indy help to create an innovative culture that professionals are seeking.

About the Indy Chamber
The Indy Chamber is the voice of progress and improvement for the Indianapolis region's business community. With membership of nearly 2,500 businesses representing 230,000 employees in the Indianapolis region, the Indy Chamber is leading the effort to strengthen the business climate, improve the state of education, revitalize neighborhoods and enhance the region's workforce. In 2012, the Indy Chamber merged with Indy Partnership, Develop Indy, and Business Ownership Initiative. For more information about the Indy Chamber, visit

Media Contact:
Molly Deuberry
[email protected]

There's buzz across the nation about the great things happening throughout Indianapolis and the business community is in the center of it all. Bringing together the collective vision of our city's leaders will build upon this momentum to create a city that is strong, strategic, and sustainable.  Under the guidance of Plan 2020, the Indy Chamber is eager to be a part of laying the foundation for our community's continued success for generations to come.

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