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From delivering newspapers to providing complete electrical and communications contracting services, Shane Conner knows how to build a successful business. At the age of 12, his first job wasrunning a small paper route—a route he worked hard at growing. He soon became one of the largest delivery boys in the area, racking up several awards along the way.

Today, he’s doing the same with his business, Advanced Technologies in Electrical and Communications, Inc. (ATEC)—a full service electrical and communications contractor committed to providing superior contracting services. In 2012, ATEC was named A Company to Watch and in 2013, named one of Indianapolis’ Fastest Growing Companies, by the Indianapolis Business Journal (ranked #3). Although Shane considers his company “small but mighty,” it’s worth noting for the third year ATEC has been contracted for Super Bowl work, among several other high-profile projects.

Shane credits his mom, a proud Hispanic grandfather, mentors and the Indy Chamber for his success. His mom taught him in order to be successful he should surround himself with successful people. His grandfather instilled in him his “Mexican pride.” Mentors have helped him learn from mistakes and grow from successes. And the Indy Chamber—specifically the Hispanic Business Council (HBC), provide him the tools and resources to learn, grow and succeed.

One of those resources is the HBC’s Mentor-Protégé Program—a program designed to develop and grow three Hispanic-owned businesses each year for a two-year period. ATEC (Shane) was partnered with Messer Construction (Ryan Steinert) last year. Although the two met previously on a site and established their own “unofficial mentor relationship,” they approached HBC about the Mentor-Protégé program to gain more insight and structure into their mentor-mentee relationship.

For Ryan, the mentorship was a natural fit and a great opportunity for him to fulfill Messer’s goal of supporting and giving back to small businesses. For Shane, it was an opportunity to learn from an industry leader. The two meet monthly and take advantage of networking events and educational programs offered by HBC. Both are grateful for the program and the opportunity to learn from one another.

Shane is quick to acknowledge the commitment Ryan is dedicating to ATECs’ success— and truly believes that without Ryan, Messer Construction, and everyone at the Hispanic Business Council, his success would not be possible. He’s growing ‘leaps and bounds’ and knows it is because every person involved wants to see him succeed.

To learn more about the Indy Chamber’s Hispanic Business Council contact Gustavo Escalante at 317-464-2254 or [email protected]

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