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The Indy Chamber has a longstanding history of serving as an advocate for business throughout the Indianapolis region. We know that today's professionals are busy focusing on the day-to-day responsibilities of their business operations and may find it difficult to be active in public policy debates that will determine the future business climate. That's where our Business Advocacy team comes in.

Together, with Indy Chamber Councils and Committees, we develop and advocate on behalf of policies created to engage discussion and debate, while looking out for the best interest of business and our community.

We understand that the strength of the Indy Chamber lies in the strength of our members. By WORKING TOGETHER we can send the message that the Indianapolis business community is active, is engaged, and is passionate about making our region a place where business thrives. 

Following is a brief snapshot of our 2014 legislative priorities. These issues impact the wellbeing of our business community and if carried out properly, will work to make the Indianapolis region attractive for economic development and investment. 

Mass Transit: We will work to improve economic opportunity and workforce mobility through the strategic investment in a regional transit system. The Indy Chamber will advocate for the creation of a new, dedicated funding mechanism and regional governance structure to oversee the improvement and expansion of transit in the Indianapolis region.

HJR-6: We will oppose efforts to unnecessarily amend our state constitution and duplicate existing statute regarding marriage and domestic partner benefits. We believe HJR-6 distracts the legislature from addressing economic development and harms Indiana’s ability to attract, recruit and retain talented workers on a global scale.

Water: We will support statewide policy to ensure sustained economic opportunity through responsible use and allocation of water resources and the creation of a single-source regulatory process for management of water resources. 

Early Childhood Education: We will support the development of publicly funded, outcome-focused, Pre-K programs as well as mandatory, fully-funded full-day kindergarten.

Equity in Local Government Funding: We will support the ability of local governments to capture revenue from those who work, recreate, and consume in perspective municipalities to pay for the investments and services that make those activities possible. We will also advocate for the creation of an incremental County Option Income Tax (COIT) that would remain in the county of employment.

For a complete listing of the Indy Chamber 2014 Legislative Agenda in PDF format, please click here. 

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