HJR-6 Would Weaken Indiana’s Resolve to Attract Business, Talen

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Co-signed by:
John Thompson, 2013 Board Chair, Indy Chamber
Michael Huber, President and CEO, Indy Chamber

Indiana is on the cusp of an economic recovery. We are strong. We are driven. We are making progress. We must continue this momentum that has elevated the Hoosier State as one of the most business-friendly, economically stable and attractive places to live, to work and to do business.

Unfortunately, our state lawmakers will be faced with a piece of legislation in the 2014 session that threatens to reverse some of the great work we have done to attract and retain top talent and business from around the globe. HJR-6, the proposed constitutional amendment banning gay marriage, will ultimately insert discriminatory language directly into our state constitution, making our state one that accepts only some, not all.

That is why the Indy Chamber opposes HJR-6 and will work in partnership with fellow advocates to defeat the amendment. As a voice for the business community, including a membership of nearly 3,000 business representing 235,000 employees throughout the Indianapolis region, we believe it is in the best interest of our economy to defeat this proposed amendment which will inhibit employers' efforts to attract an emerging generation of talent.

The Indy Chamber is in the business of strengthening our economy. The proposed marriage amendment does nothing to help show the nation that Indiana is a place that welcomes all, not just some, and we must be mindful of how actions such as this will impact our competitiveness on a national and global level.

Additionally, Indy Chamber leadership recognizes this proposed amendment as duplicative of current statute, and questions why our state lawmakers would spend time debating a matter which is already prohibited by state law. We believe this measure serves only as a distraction from building momentum in the state legislature to address economic and workforce development challenges in the Indianapolis region and across the state.

Indiana has set the standard for being a state with a strong, stable economy that attracts and retains some of the world's most gifted workers. The passage of HJR-6 would be a major step backwards in this mission. Legislative proposals in coming years should only serve to strengthen our economy, not weaken our appeal. As the only potential marriage amendment up for consideration nationwide in 2014, it is important to be mindful of how this legislation would portray Indiana as an unwelcoming state.

We encourage all Hoosiers to join us in opposition of HJR-6 and send the message that Indiana is a state that serves all, employs all, and welcomes all.

Click here to view our original press release and full position statement.

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