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The Indy Chamber has a long-standing history of advocating on behalf of the Indianapolis business community when it comes to issues that impact the well-being of our economy, our workforce, our future growth.

Supporting a city-wide effort to highlight and enhance our economic status around the globe is an effort that includes many facets – not the least of these, building a strong k-12 and post-secondary education structure. As we work to attract good business and top talent to our region, we must show that Indianapolis stands behind our institutions in providing quality education and opportunity for all students. This includes structural, fiscal and other demands currently being felt throughout our school systems.

Administrators with Indianapolis Public Schools (IPS) understand all too well the fiscal woes that have plagued the school system for years. In the attempt to balance funding the needs of students and the demands of administrative, facilities and transportation expenses, IPS finds itself faced with a $30 million deficit.
Enter, Indy Chamber.

Approached by IPS for insight on solving the budget deficit, the Indy Chamber was asked by IPS leadership to assist with the engagement of the business community. The Indy Chamber convened a meeting of business leaders from throughout Marion County in an effort to engage and to gain insight and expertise on how to find necessary efficiencies to get IPS back on strong fiscal ground.

Just as any business must spend within its means in order to survive, so too must our public school system. Our expert business leaders are ready and willing to find thoughtful, innovative ways to spend down the IPS deficit, while putting the best interests of students first.

We will begin this process by facilitating small working groups made up of volunteer business leaders based on their subject matter expertise. These groups will meet to analyze spending and saving opportunities in the areas of: operations, information technology, finance, and human resources. Following the compilation of the small group analysis, the Indy Chamber will submit a report to IPS and the community detailing recommendations for savings and efficiencies throughout the IPS system.

We believe that providing third party input will give administrators the insight and backing they need to make tough decisions that will impact the district in a profound way. These decisions will not be easy and implementation of these measures, whatever they may be, could be met with opposition. They are, however, necessary for building a stronger, more successful school system that provides our children with the tools they need to become driven, talented professionals and THAT is good for business.

The Indy Chamber is excited to be a part of this solution and is eager to get to work. Stay tuned via Facebook and Twitter for details about our recommendations and how together, we are working to improve our schools, enhance our neighborhoods and thereby make Indianapolis better for business.

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