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Announced by state and local leaders last Wednesday, Indianapolis is the proud owner of a new direct flight to San Francisco International Airport. So what does this mean to you, as a local businessperson?

More customers. More tax revenue. Immediate lifeblood to our growing high tech industry. Greater access to the Asian and South Pacific economies. The bottom line: it’s a very good thing.
The economic impact of this flight will be felt for years to come. "These flights directly connect Indy's growing high tech industry to Silicon Valley, and puts us one step closer to booming economies in Asia,” said Marty Vanags, Vice President and Executive Director of Indy Partnership, a business unit of the Indy Chamber. “The Indy Chamber will be leveraging these new gateways to Silicon Valley and Asia as we sell the benefits of Central Indiana. Outside of economic development, establishing the direct connection to these two cities helps to boost our local tourism and convention industry, directly impacting our state and local economies and introduces thousands of people to our region."
Indianapolis International Airport has a regional economic impact. By creating nearly 20,000 jobs, representing $1.4 billion in wages, growth in the airport’s flight schedule means more opportunity for the region. As the IND-SFO flight schedule gets established, Indy’s own buzzing tech community will begin to see more opportunities for innovation, funding, and collaboration with Silicon Valley. And as more non-stop destinations are added to IND’s schedule, the Indy region should see an increase in both tourist and convention traffic as convention planners who previously moved away from Indy because of airport accessibility will begin to take advantage of our state of the art convention center and walkable downtown.
Want to be involved in getting more direct flights to cities? Contact our business advocacy group at 317-464-2200.

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