As one of the first milestones for the Indy Music Strategy, we recently completed an in-depth regulatory assessment and a comparative analysis with best case examples from other cities around the US and internationally. Through this report, we’ve outlined ways that Indianapolis can improve it’s regulatory environment to become more music-friendly.

The following document is a compilation of the qualitative research that Sound Diplomacy has completed in the past four months for the Indy Music Strategy. This document is part of the strategy’s Phase 1: Benchmark and Regulatory Assessment.

The document includes:

1. An overview of the policies and regulations analyzed in Indianapolis’ music ecosystem and how they compare to other cities benchmarked in the report.

2. A Literature Review comprised of general information on Indianapolis and an analysis of different sources on the arts and creative sectors in Indianapolis and Indiana, as well as some neighboring sectors like tourism.

3. A Music Ecosystem section containing an overview and analysis of Indy’s music education infrastructure and support system, such as grants and incentives.

4. A Regulatory Ecosystem section analyzing the administrative and governing environment affecting the music sector in Indianapolis. It is divided into licensing and regulations (i.e. liquor licensing, special events licenses, noise, health & safety, busking, outdoor advertising) and operations and zoning, including music uses (i.e. zoning) and infrastructures that exist or are lacking in the city (i.e. night transport, parking, Music Office).

5. A SWOT regulatory assessment provided to summarize the findings in the report. It compares and assesses how the strengths and weaknesses identified for Indianapolis perform against the opportunities and threats on its way to become a globally-recognized music city.

For benchmarking purposes, the report also includes best practices found in other US and international cities and a comparison of them against Indianapolis. These case studies are attached at the end of each section throughout the report. This final deliverable for Phase I of the Indy Music Strategy serves as the foundation for the research and analysis that Sound Diplomacy will carry out during the following months as part of Phase II. Most of the information that is presented here in detail will be shortened and summarized in further reports in the final strategy report for Phase III. Please note: this report is a living document, and will continue to be build upon based on community feedback and further research.