In 2014, the Harrison Center began encouraging people to gather on their porches with friends and neighbors, to share food and drink and to help cultivate a sense of community in our urban neighborhoods. Since that time, the popularity of “porching” has soared. In 2016, through a partnership with the Indianapolis 500, the Porch Party movement grew to include the entire state of Indiana, and hundreds have joined in the fun.

“Porching is a sign that you are open for business. It is now a hobby and tradition in our family and is becoming a movement in neighborhoods across Indianapolis.” — Joanna Taft, Executive Director of the Harrison Center.

Want to host a porch party, or learn more about the movement? Visit https://www.harrisoncenter.org/porch

Everyone’s Invited from Harrison Center on Vimeo.

ABOUT THE HARRISON CENTER: The Harrison Center is a force for cultural development in Indianapolis and a model for community arts, education, and urban revitalization programs across America. We address community problems with cultural solutions: art, music, education, and grassroots activism. We cultivate emerging art patrons by redefining the boundaries of artist and audience: everyone is part of the art.