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Indianapolis, February 8, 2016After 30 successful years as a leader in customer service, coaching and leadership training locally, nationally and internationally, PhonePRO has rebranded to Bonfire Training!  We listened to feedback from our clients that the name PhonePRO didn’t fully capture the spirit and variety of the training we provide, so we decided to freshen things up with a new name and a new look! 

So why Bonfire?  We decided on the name because a bonfire is a bright, inviting circle where people gather to communicate, have fun and where they feel comfortable sharing ideas. Around a bonfire, the sparks draw your gaze upward, the heat and light are welcoming and the circle keeps everyone connected.  It’s a positive, relatable image that makes everyone feel included.  And that’s how we feel about our training – it’s for everyone and the skills light up their potential. 

So as we move forward, we’d like to thank everyone that we’ve worked with as PhonePRO and we look forward to continuing to be of service as Bonfire!  We are excited about the future and continuing to provide Real Learning, Real Fun and Real Results for our clients, both here in our home state of Indiana, and across the globe.  We are lookingforward to Fueling your Sparkmakers and Igniting your Team’s Potential!




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