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As summer temperatures rise, you and your co-workers may be looking to enjoy the sunshine and move your after work happy hour outdoors. You are in luck!  The Indy Chamber’s own regulatory and permitting ombudsman helped facilitate communication to walk the owners of Mass Ave’s Ball and Biscuit smoothly through the city’s permitting processes to make it happen. 

The Indy Chamber’s free service to small businesses helps business owners navigate the city’s agencies and utilities by reducing time and cost associated with missteps with the process. In Ball and Biscuit’s case, owners followed the correct process but ran into difficulty when it came down to navigating the parking meters and accessibility next to their new patio.

With the coordination of ParkIndy, Department of Code Enforcement, and the Mayor’s Office of Disability Affairs, the Indy Chamber quickly developed a solution. Ultimately, streamlining the necessary communication saved Ball and Biscuit valuable time – and helped Mass Ave. visitors quench their thirst on the patio just a bit earlier.

As a benefit of the Indy Chamber, this free service is available to all businesses in Indianapolis. For more information, contact Luke Bosso, regulatory and permitting ombudsman, at lbosso@indychamber.com or 317.464.2262.