After practicing with a small, private primary care medical group for more than 30 years, Dr. Blair Brengle has opened the doors to his new practice to focus on enhanced healthcare options to patients through Direct Primary Care (DPC). Brengle Family Medicine, located on the northside of Indianapolis, is now open. A Direct Primary Care practice allows accessible healthcare at a flat, monthly fee without involving the red tape related to working with health insurance providers.

“Offering my patients the best care I can provide is of the utmost importance,” said Dr. Blair Brengle, lead physician at Brengle Family Medicine. “Providing better care — specifically through the Direct Primary Care model — allows our new practice to connect with patients when it is convenient for them.”

Dr. Brengle’s passion for primary care dates back nearly three decades, over which he has developed continuity of long-term care and patient relationships. He is a founding member of Hoosier Family Health which, after 25 years, dissipated into separate practices in 2017 to provide patients with the more care-centric, highly flexible and economical Direct Primary Care option. His desire to provide enhanced care for patients is a product of the corporate healthcare rules patients and physicians face, but, even more so, to keep building the best relationship and trust with his patients. “I firmly believe in individualized care, and with DPC, I am able to take more time with each patient without charging them any more.” said Dr. Brengle. ”From babies to grandparents, I believe in providing ongoing care for all members of families. Many of these families I have watched grow from the newest member of a family up to grandparents and every family member in between.”

An Indiana native, Dr. Brengle obtained his undergraduate and medical degrees from Indiana University. For more than 50 years, Dr. Brengle has been a member of the Boy Scouts, and in his free time, he enjoys exercising, the outdoors and the arts. He is the father of three grown children. Dr. Brengle is an exemplary, care-minded physician who continues to dedicate his medical focus on new patients as well as families he’s
cared for over multiple decades. Direct Primary Care is an ideal fit for Dr. Brengle’s new practice, and he looks forward to helping his patients for years to come.

Dr. Brengle’s office is located at 8803 N. Meridian Street, suite 350 and is accepting new patients.