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The Indianapolis region is constantly evolving with many places and spaces contributing to excellence in the built environment. To commemorate the outstanding places and spaces in the Indy region, the Indy Chamber holds an annual Monumental Awards Dinner where awards are given to projects in landscape architecture, interior design, neighborhood revitalization, architecture, design, engineering, construction, and public art.

For the first time in our Monumental Awards history, we want your voice to be heard!  We will be holding a People’s Choice Award where you can vote for the project you feel has the greatest impact on the Indy region. To vote, visit our Facebook page from now until August 12th and like (or love) the photo of the project that you want to win! The winner of the People’s Choice Award will be announced at the Monumental Awards Dinner on October 20.

In an effort to continue the legacy of excellence in the built environment and push the Indianapolis region forward, the Indy Chamber is dedicated to making the metropolitan area as attractive and supportive as possible for small business growth, existing business expansions, and new business relocations. To ensure the economic success of the Indy region, our Regional Economic Development Strategy was initiated in partnership with the City of Indianapolis, the Central Indiana Council of Elected Officials (CICEO) and other regional partners, including financial sponsor JP Morgan Chase. 

With the help of the individuals and businesses who bestow excellence in the built environment, we can, together, build an ideal Indianapolis.