The Unapologetic Saleswoman Workshop!

April 9th

12:30-4:30 pm

Investment: $295 per seat

Seating is limited

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A ½ day workshop designed for women determined to grow their sales skills, but are currently:

  • Struggling to consistently generate high-quality referrals
  • Disappointed with the ‘time invested’ to ‘income’ ratio
  • Frustrated with a ‘chase’ and ‘wait’ business cycle
  • Unsure how to get off the ‘behavior roller coaster’

Does this sound like a fit for you, but not 100% sure?

Call 317-845-0041 for a 10-minute phone call– No pressure, no obligation, just a conversation.

What you can expect from the workshop:

Join other high-performing women learning to take a more confident, polished and consultative approach towards sales.

Workshop Curriculum: 

Advanced Interpersonal Communication

  • Understand and appreciate different thinking, styles and behavioral preferences
  • Discover your own ego states and how they affect your outcomes

Setting Ironclad Agreements

  • Practice establishing expectations in every interaction to promote clarity and transparency

Gaining Intent & Importance

  • Train your brain to recognize and disarm communication “traps” that typically lead to concern and frustration

Included Materials:

  • Book: The Unapologetic Saleswoman by Lorraine Ferguson
  • Extended Behavioral DISC Assessment