The Entrepenuer’s Source (TES) Choose Sophos Marketing to Create Mass Awareness.  TES started the marketing service on September 1st and experienced incredible results in only 25 days.  Below is a more in depth case study.  Sophos Marketing is a new member to the Chamber of Commerce.  This service will definitely help any Chamber member achieve similar mass awareness results as well.

Problem: The Entrepreneur’s Source (TES) needed to find a low cost way to create significant mass awareness of the services they provide to a very specific target audience in a very targeted geographic location. They also wanted to increase the number of appointments by getting more prospects to click on an appointment calendar to block out time.

Solution: Sophos Marketing created 2 customized animated Ads that told TES’ story. The messaging was customized to a specific demographic set by TES in a 10-mile radius.  Ads would appear on top tier websites (i.e. CNN.com & ESPN.com). Sophos Marketing provided TES a guarantee of a minimum of 100,000 views of the Ads each month and an Average of 100 Clicks to TES’ website each month as well.  Sophos Marketing delivers this entire solution at a very low price of $499 (One Time Only Setup Fee) and $299 Per Month.

• 92 Clicks in 25 Days
• 234,991 Views / Impressions of animated Ads in 25 Days
• 56% of the visitors that Sophos Marketing sends views more than one page
• Sophos Marketing is now the leading source generating visits to TES’s site
To request a Webex Demo of this service to consider it for your own business. please contact Randy Riemersma directly @ (317) 345-9227 / randy@sophosmarketing.com.