INDIANAPOLIS, Ind., NOVEMBER 7, 2018EnviroForensics®, an Indianapolis-based environmental engineering, consulting and remediation design firm announced today that Robert Fedorchak, Professional Engineer (PE), recently joined as a Senior Engineer. Fedorchak brings 25+ years of experience in the industry and will focus on technical engineering systems and team development.

EnviroForensics Director of Engineering and Remediation Services, Andrew Horwath, says, “Rob’s technical skill set in traditional remediation engineering allows us to strengthen the core of our remediation engineering portfolio, while his management strengths support the continued growth and development of our up and coming staff. I’m excited to have Rob in this senior leadership position and I look forward to the enhanced service that we will be able to provide to our clients by incorporating his intimate knowledge of remediation system operation and efficiency.”


Fedorchak holds Professional Engineer certifications in five states, bringing a wealth of experience and expertise that ranges from site investigations and remediation to construction for industrial, commercial, governmental, petroleum, attorney, landfill, and property management clients and developers. His remedial technology experience includes traditional methods such as soil excavation, groundwater pump and treat, vacuum-enhanced pump and treat, dual-phase extraction, soil vapor extraction, bioventing, air sparging, in-situ chemical oxidation and reductive dechlorination, as well as more innovative uses of phytoremediation for chlorinated solvents, PCBs, petroleum hydrocarbons, methane, and metal contaminants. He has successfully managed and closed sites in accordance with a variety of State and Federal environmental cleanup regulatory programs.


“Proper remediation system selection and design are crucial components of a successful environmental project,” Fedorchak says, “but continued monitoring and operational adjustments following system installation is where the job really gets done, and the greatest value can be achieved.”



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