JULY 1, 2019, CARMEL, INDIANA – GadellNet Consulting Services is proud to announce their Indianapolis team has moved into a new office in Carmel, Indiana. This new office is located off of Hamilton Crossing Boulevard. Answering the demand for flexible workspace and room to grow, this office will house one half of GadellNet’s Midwest team.

This uniquely designed, tech-driven space features a mix of private offices, open air workspaces, a gym, a kitchen, walking trails, and more. The smartly designed floor plan is intended to promote worker productivity and collaboration. The space is flexible, scalable, and boasts fully equipped conference rooms, phone booth rooms, a generous breakroom, and a room for new mothers.

With over 9,000 square feet, GadellNet’s Indianapolis-based team will be able to grow into this space over the next several years. With an average growth rate of 30% over the last 5 years, GadellNet’s Indianapolis team plans to add at least 5 more employees to this office during the rest of 2019.

GadellNet’s dedication to employee health and wellness is demonstrated through the onsite gym, access to walking trails, and optional standing desks. The collaboration spaces created in the new Indianapolis office allow GadellNet employees to come together and do what they do best, work together to solve complicated problems for our partners. GadellNet’s breakroom and kitchen allow employees the ability to get away from their desk to unwind and recharge. Our new mother’s room ensures all employees feel equally supported.

“Our new office is bright and modern with an airy industrial feel. This overall look and feel captures the essence of our team – innovative and causal. The functionality of this space is exactly what our Indianapolis-based employees need to continue to be successful at GadellNet,” commented GadellNet’s CEO, Nick Smarrelli. “ The team in Indianapolis supports clients, fosters company growth, and lives our daily values. I am happy to give them a workspace they enjoy.”

GadellNet chose to base their Indianapolis team in Carmel because of the incredible community of small businesses. GadellNet serves small businesses and Carmel is a little city where these organizations can thrive. The small town atmosphere with accessibility to a large metropolitan area allows GadellNet to serve Indianapolis clients easily without the hustle and bustle that comes with a chic downtown office. The City of Carmel was recently names the best places to live in America by Nicke Magazine, and that is the kind of place we believe our employees and their families deserve. The schools, activities, amenities, shops, and festivals and perfect for the young families GadellNet supports.

About GadellNet

GadellNet specializes in industry-specific technology consulting, creating three-year plans for their clients that facilitate growth for their clients with an average of 9% growth in 2018. GadellNet offers a wide variety of managed services, including 24/7 help desk support, a Rapid Resolution Team with an average response time of 2 minutes, comprehensive security monitoring, on-site and cloud backup, mobile device management, professional services, and more. For more on what GadellNet offer, please visit gadellnet.com.