On May 5, 1989, Dave Braden officially started his company: Braden Business Systems, Inc. Dave began his business by selling fax machines out of the back of his car. He had a shared office space, a phone and no desk. He was a one man shop at the time, selling and servicing the equipment on his own. Dave learned on the spot but knew that his customer service and the technology he had to offer would eventually grow his business.

Thirty years later, and after five locations, the company has a new building in the heart of Fishers, Indiana. Braden also has two office locations in Chicago and has branched into IT Managed services. To say that Dave’s small, one-man start-up is successful would be an understatement. The success has not come without hard work, challenges and commitments. And while the days of sitting in an empty office may be gone, Braden still emphasizes the importance of cutting-edge technology and customer service when serving clients and prospective clients.

 “A lot of people make promises, but how many people follow through?” -Dave Braden

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