Laundry. It’s a never-ending cycle (see what we did there?). We wear clothes day in and day out. Therefore, we have no choice but to run our washing machines all the time. But, did you know that doing so is damaging your favorite outfits? And if you’d like to prolong the life of your favorite threads — especially that plain, white T-shirt you wear all the time, despite the fact you have a million other shirts you could be wearing — you should think of dry cleaning as more of a necessity than a luxury.


You have to regularly wash, dry, iron, fold and hang the pile of dirty clothes sitting in your hamper, and it’s a lengthy process, to say the least. If you’re like any adult living in the 21st-century, your time is very limited. But if the convenience isn’t enough to convince you of all the reasons you should dry clean everything in your closet, let us change your perspective with 3 undeniable reasons.

1) More TLC

No, we’re not talking about the beloved, chart-topping, 90s girl group. We’re talking about tender loving care. Dry cleaning is powerful on stains but gentle and less abrasive on your clothes than a washing machine. Professional dry cleaners like ZIPS are experts in everything garment related. You may know about common fabrics like silk and cotton, but what about seersucker and faille? From fabric to fashion, dry cleaners know how to care for every individual garment the right way, keeping your style 100, just the way you like it.

2) We Mean Everything

You can usually get away with cleaning a twin comforter in a washing machine. But anything bigger may tear or just be too much for your machine to clean thoroughly. From linens to comforters, a professional dry cleaner can make anything made out of fabric look as good as new. Yes, even pillow shams.

3) Extended Lifespan

Above all, garments that are professionally dry cleaned last longer. So, you can continue wearing that same plain, white T-shirt every week. Looking good is an investment. Protect it by taking care by doing the smart thing — come to ZIPS today!

  • $2.29 dry clean any garment
  • $1.99 launder & press button-front shirts
  • In by 9 am / out by 5 pm
  • Eco-friendly
  • Local husband-and-wife owners, Larry & Emma

ZIPS Dry Cleaners
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