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May 31, 2019

1001 Watts: Reinvent Yourself, Start Today, and Discover How Women Are Lighting the World

A new personal development, self-help book, published by IBJ Book Publishing, will be released on Amazon, June 21, 2019, by Indianapolis author, Lauren Grey.


INDIANAPOLIS – 1001 Watts is a guide that will help you navigate a new path of change as you reinvent yourself.  With true simplicity, this hope-filled, motivational book reveals secrets that will help you magnify your 1 watt of light, and use it to connect to other women expanding your luminance until there is no woman who stands alone, no woman without opportunity to grow and succeed. 1001 Watts helps each woman recognize her unique beauty and value. Join us as we begin to light the world together.

Lauren’s mission is to bring hope and community to all women at a crossroads around the world. A percentage of the profits from this book will be donated to education funds that support women. https://www.1001watts.com/


“This book brings the concepts of designing inclusive data strategies to life, by creating simple steps to light a path of change.

Marie Davis, Director of Business Development and Strategy for RepuCare


About Lauren Grey 

Lauren Grey, MPA, has been on a lifelong journey of reinvention, leading her to a discovery that changes lives: When we connect and lift women above ourselves, our internal light shines brighter.

In this book she inspires all women to believe in themselves and encourages them to lift one another up with a giving heart, accelerating progress on a new Path of Change.

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