The LOVE Thy Neighborhood Awards were created to encourage the transformation of neighborhoods throughout the Indy region (Indianapolis and surrounding 8 counties) into authentic and vibrant places profoundly attractive and livable for both residents and visitors. This is being accomplished through an annual event that will recognize the people and places in the Indy region that have made outstanding progress in developing their neighborhoods as livable places. The LOVE thy Neighborhood Awards ceremony will highlight a variety of community work with video profiles of each finalist. The LOVE Thy Neighborhood Awards is hosted by LISC Indianapolis.

Awards will be given highlighting a person, a project, an initiative, or an organization that has transformed a neighborhood, positively impacting the Livability, Opportunity, Vitality, and Education of their community.

Livability: Creating healthy, active, and beautiful places

Opportunity: Fostering Entrepreneurship and Employment

Vitality: Reviving a growing and diverse population

Education: Offering excellent lifelong learning opportunities

Three finalists are selected in each award category and announced prior to the event. The winner in each category is announced at the LOVE thy Neighborhood Awards Ceremony on April 18, 2019 at the Indiana War Memorial in Indianapolis, IN and will receive $2,500. In addition, a people’s choice award will be given determined by voting of attendees at the event and will be awarded $5,000.

Learn more and apply at loveawards.liscindianapolis.org.