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Small Potatoes Catering and Exceptional Events was started by Karen Kennedy in August of 2014. Kennedy has been in the restaurant business for more than 20 years and was a full time food writer missing the action in the kitchen. Using her expertise in the food industry, she started a catering and event company to follow her passions in event planning and food preparation. 

When it was time to get her business off the ground, Kennedy turned to the Indy Chamber. Through the Business Ownership Initiative, a program of the Indy Chamber, Kennedy was able to refine the concept of Small Potatoes and develop a business plan.

“From the minute I reached out to the Indy Chamber, I was blown away by the responsiveness,” said Kennedy.  From personal emails and coffee dates, to one-on-one business referrals, the Indy Chamber assisted Kennedy in growing her business. “I have several clients now that I never would have connected with any other way.”

Naming the catering company was as easy as pie. “I told a friend, I want the events that the big companies would think were ‘small potatoes,’” said Kennedy. “And then I knew what I could call my company!”

Small Potatoes specializes in corporate events of 150 or less but is always up for the challenge when given larger jobs. They take on larger events as their schedule permits, but only if they can do so without compromising their standards. Their focus is to serve hand-crafted small bites, both savory and sweet. The team at Small Potatoes also provides specialty linens and fresh flowers with their food. Now that’s service!

Juxtaposing flavors and textures such as salty and sweet and creamy and crunchy bring an added flare to Small Potatoes’ menu. Kennedy loves to eat local and uses as many fresh, local ingredients as she can find for her dishes. Be on the lookout this Winter for bite-sized desserts including bourbon balls, chocolate truffle, mini mousse cups, toffee, tartlets and one-bite cookies.

Not only can you catch Small Potatoes at your next luncheon, but you can also join in on the culinary fun by participating in their private tours, Indie Indy Foodie Tours. Getting the word out about what you do and how well you do it can be difficult in a bustling food scene. Kennedy will take you on a culinary adventure to discover the hard-working and creative people who make our local dining scene so vibrant and eclectic.