Michael Burton is a client service professional with over 16 years of experience in client facing and leadership roles across multiple technology companies. Burton currently is Chief Executive Officer of Lev, an Arizona-based company that provides Salesforce implementations, service, and support.

As a Salesforce partner, Michael believes Indianapolis was the obvious choice of location when the company decided to expand in 2016. Salesforce wasn’t the only thing that brought the company to Indy. The talented workforce found here due to the strong tech industry, the local universities, and companies here that are attracting talent makes the city a clear choice of location. These strong attributes have led the local office to great success: the Indianapolis branch is now Lev’s fastest growing office and is outpacing the other offices. Through their partnership with Develop Indy, the company has been able to build upon this success. Develop Indy provides training grants as well as a connective tissue between Lev and the business community of Indianapolis.