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Every year the Indy Chamber hosts a World Trade Day. This one-day event focuses on business exporting and the economy. Here, global dignitaries and community leaders speak on what it is like to succeed in the international marketplace, the routes they took to get there, and encourage other smaller businesses to export. 

Fortunately, Central-ISBDC offers this knowledge year-round and teaches business owners how they can take their company international. In fact, 98 percent of United States exporters are small and medium-sized companies. The ISBDC introduces businesses to the global marketplace and gives them the tools to succeed.

To help local companies interested in exporting, the C-ISBDC has an on-site export-certified business coach: Teresa Marti. She helps many small businesses learn how to become export certified and take their company international. Furthermore, C-ISBDC clients also have access to the export development expertise of Andrew Reinke, President of Foreign Targets Inc., an export management company. 

Through one-on-one coaching, businesses learn how to export products efficiently and progress their companies forward into the global marketplace. The ISBDC focuses on each group individually – acknowledging that not all companies progress in the same way or at the same speed.

With the help of the ISBDC, many small businesses have grown to be global exports and are now encouraging others to do the same. Because the C-ISBDC is business unit of the Indy Chamber, there are opportunities for grants. The GoGlobal Grant is specifically for qualifying companies looking to take their business international. Apply for the GoGlobal Grant today!

To learn more about exporting, contact the Central ISBDC.