On June 11, the Indy Chamber, together with Bose McKinney & Evans LLP, gathered local CEOs for a roundtable discussion on corporate culture lead by Bryan Brenner of FirstPerson. Key themes emerged during these roundtable discussions.


  • Many employees can agree their company’s corporate strategy is solid, but their communication is sporadic, at best.
  • Good communication within the workplace will increase employee engagement. Employees who are more engaged in their work can align better with company objectives and goals.
  • Consistent and effective communication results in a more productive and talented workforce. Learn and understand your team’s talents and skills and achieve more buy-in.
  • Employees want to be heard. Create a “safe” workplace for people to think creatively and express their ideas and thoughts.


  • Employees look for work environments free from stress, morale issues, and harassment and discriminatory practices. They want to work in a positive workplace where small victories are celebrated.
  • Employees are more likely to excel and stay at the company when they can see an established upward path, with opportunity to earn higher salary and take on greater responsibilities.
  • Retaining employees is much greater when a company focuses on its culture and inclusivity.


  • Millennials are changing jobs more often than other generations. Finding their self-purpose is a key goal and providing guidance on how to narrow down their search will help retain them.
  • Millennials work differently than other generations. Employers have seen an increased usage of technology as a way to communicate, high demand for flexible schedules, and need a high-trust culture.
  • Working remotely is a benefit they look for in their job search. Millennials are attracted to the opportunity of immersing themselves into different cultures, traveling the world and flexible schedules, all while getting the work done outside of the office.

With these key themes in mind, the group returned to their companies with tools to help them continue building successful organizations.