In November, we shared how Candy Dynamics was planning on using our GoGlobal Grant to attend the world’s largest confectionery show, ISM, in Cologne, Germany. Their candy, smartly named Toxic Waste Hazardously Sour Candy, has gained international attention in many markets, but Candy Dynamics realized the potential for growth by attending ISM.

Now having attended the show, Candy Dynamics gained over 100 new leads in new markets. “We had one of the most popular booths at the USA Pavilion at ISM,” said Laura King, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Candy Dynamics, “Because of the GoGlobal Grant, we were able to purchase advertising in the show guide, driving potential leads to our booth.”

Already a popular exporter in the UK, Candy Dynamics saw the show as a huge success, providing them with qualified leads in other markets that they previously were unable to obtain. An experienced exporter, Candy Dynamics says that the hardest part of exporting is finding the right partners. They are currently following up with the leads they gathered at the show to select the right partners for each market.

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