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If you’re a business owner, CEO, or president, there are many challenges that you face as you try to keep your business growing. In order to keep growing you also need to have the right team in place. Join Shad Tidler on Wednesday, April 27th at Lushin’s office to gain insights and advice on the challenges you face with your business and sales team. 

Topics include:

1. How can I more accurately predict when opportunities will close and revenue will come in?

2. What prospecting activities should my people be doing daily to be effective at bringing in new business and growing current business?

3. Why are some of my people highly motivated to get new business, but others are not motivated at all and some are stuck in the middle?

4. What skills and strengths do my people need to have to be better at growing my business? Bring your real-life challenges and examples for us to work through and help you find solutions that you can put in place now!

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