Business Ownership Initiative, the Indy Chamber’s entrepreneurship division, is rolling out a new coaching system using GrowthWheel, a visual toolbox and cloud-based online platform used by business advisors, incubators, and entrepreneurship educators around the country to help businesses make decisions and take action.

GrowthWheel was designed around the observation that all businesses – in all industries and life stages – have four lasting challenges in common: they must create an attractive Business Concept, build a strong Organization behind it, develop lasting Client Relations, and do so while maintaining profitable Operations. GrowthWheel breaks down the 4 challenges into 20 Focus Areas. This gives a 360° view on business decisions and maps out what areas a business owner needs to focus on.

GrowthWheel is available for BOI clients both in-person and online. Through the online platform, BOI’s GrowthWheel certified business coaches can invite clients to the platform and offer them a free account so they can work with digital tools to build their business. Clients get a better experience because they have the option of both self-service and personal engagement with their advisor.

Learn more about GrowthWheel in this video:

To meet with a business coach and start using the GrowthWheel tool, sign up for a coaching session at www.indychamber.com/coaching