At Ares Elite Sports Vision, enhanced sports performance first starts with the eyes.

An optometrist by trade and an athlete by passion, Dr. Joseph LaPlaca founded Ares Elite Sports Vision to help optimize sports performance. Vision is an area that is often overlooked in athletes, and Dr. LaPlaca believes that by merging traditional eye exams with nontraditional sports vision training programming, he can give athletes an edge on and off of their playing fields. With a passion and knowledge for vision, sports, and technology, Dr. LaPlaca has successfully created a unique training program for athletes that focuses on improving eyesight.

“Not only does vision steer and guide body movement, the link between the skill and visual capacity of an athlete influences his or her sport performance,” explains Dr. LaPlaca, “Through assessment, analysis, and training, we are able to personalize plans for improved athletic performance through vision.”

Since becoming an Indy Chamber member, Dr. LaPlaca has found that his membership is a useful tool for growth. “The Indy Chamber has been great for me starting out. It has helped me make connections with a wide variety of businesses and resources to help me grow my business,” emphasizes Dr. LaPlaca.

Dr. LaPlaca wants other Indy Chamber members, sports teams, and athletes in the Indy region to know that Ares Elite Sports Vision is the future of sports vision and is where the sports performance field needs to go. Optimized vision can lead to being on the front edge of your sports field versus the back.

To Indy Chamber members specifically, Ares Elite Sports Vision is offering a member discount of 50% off an initial assessment! Book the assessment at areselitesportsvision.com and enter the discount code of ARES50. View the discount here.

Learn more about Ares Elite Sports Vision and Dr. LaPlaca by visiting areselitesportsvision.com.

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