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It’s Indiana Entrepreneurship Week! To celebrate all things small biz, we’re focusing on how Indy is a welcoming place for small business innovation. 

1. Small Business Coaching
During any point of business ownership, small business coaching is available through the Indy Chamber. Business coaches offer one-on-one, personalized coaching sessions…FREE!

2. Microlending
Start-up or existing businesses have access to microlending through Indy Chamber. These small business loans range from $1,000 to $50,000+ and can have a big impact the success of a small business!

3. Small Business Workshops
From business plans to certification, there are plenty of workshops available for small business owners in Indy!

4. Coworking Spaces for Entrepreneurs
Shared offices that coworking spaces offer give entrepreneurs the chance to be in a working environment without the traditional office setting. Indy is full of coworking options, including The Speak Easy, Hinge Bureau, DeveloperTown, and the Platform.

5. Networking Opportunities
Around every corner in Indy are opportunities for small business owners and entrepreneurs to connect with others. There are many groups that offer networking events, and the Indy Chamber offers tons of networking opportunities for business owners and their employees! 

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