4 Ways Entrepreneurs Use BOI Loans to Grow Their Business

Microloans (business loans up to $50,000) are valuable types of financing for both new and growing small businesses. They can be the perfect source of funding for hiring your first employee, covering startup costs, or purchasing initial inventory for your business. Here are some popular ways that Business Ownership Initiative (BOI) clients have successfully used their loan funds:


If you simply need cash on hand to hire employees or pay for basic expenses, acquiring working capital through a microloan can make a big difference. Using microloans for working capital purposes is especially helpful for newer, startup businesses, and sometimes those have unexpected cash flow obstacles.

Here’s how Quality Tree Service used a BOI microloan to help overcome cashflow problems during a slow season. 


You can use microloan funds to purchase inventory for your retail business or for production supplies and materials. This is a great way for very small businesses to scale or change their product offering by having the upfront funds to add inventory to their collection.


Retail establishments or restaurants can use microloan funds to purchase furniture, decor, or other fixtures for their retail space. Businesses can even use these funds to purchase office furniture or fixtures necessary to get their business looking spiffy. However, keep in mind that you will need to make repayments on these funds, so it’s in your best interest to avoid using microloan funds on aesthetic improvements that won’t impact your customer experience or your bottom line.

See how Breathing Space Yoga + Meditation used a microloan to build out their new space, expanding their footprint and customer reach.


Manufacturing companies, restaurants or bakeries needing kitchen equipment, or other businesses in need of computers or IT equipment can use loans to purchase this large scale equipment. In some cases, you may even be able to use the equipment itself as collateral on your loan to avoid signing a personal guarantee. 

Here’s how Indiana City Brewing used a microloan to purchase equipment that would help them keep up with demand and double their sales.

Ready to Grow Your Startup?

A microloan can be the perfect amount of capital to get the ball rolling for your business. Taking out small ($1,000-$50,000) loan through BOI can add up to big business when invested thoughtfully. Learn more about BOI loans at www.indychamber.com/lending. 


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