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Trusted Mentors connects trained, volunteer mentors with at risk adults to help more people stay housed and out of prison.

Currently, mentees come from three  vulnerable populations who face unique challenges including:

  • Young adults (18-24) who are aging out of foster care, diagnosed with a mental health issue, and young mothers struggling economically. These young adults have a much higher likelihood of community disengagement, homelessness or incarceration.
  • Adults (25 and older) who: face unique social-economic or social emotional challenges, e.g., chronic homelessness, suffering substance abuse and/or mental illness.
  • Re-entering adults, pre or post-release, who desire a supportive network that assists with employment and successful reintegration.

Trusted Mentors is responding to a vital need in our community. By providing volunteer mentors to adults at risk of homelessness, or to those re-entering the community after time in prison, we are breaking new ground in Indianapolis.  As we support these community members with sincere friendship and positive ideas, they stabilize their lives and succeed in reaching their goals.

Mentors commit to 6 hours a month for a year, to help another adult. We mentor – and it matters! In 2018, 98% remained housed and 92% in re-entry were succeeding at the requirements of the criminal justice system.

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Event Name: Fresh Start Bike Tour: Crops and Hops

Event Venue: 850 S. Meridian

Event Date: April 27, 2019

Event Time: 02:00 pm

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