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We use traditional tools of marketing but our approach is focused on empathy.
RIGHTHAND asks questions that help us all understand where you are in your world and where the people you connect with are too. We all learn who engages with your message and how they do it.

RIGHTHAND not only gets to know you, but also understands your audience; what they want to receive and how they want to receive it. Are they moved by video or social media or do they learn via your website? Statistics and data matter, but there’s also an emotional component to your audience; what do they care about and what drives their decisions?

What it boils down to for us is that you have a story and we bring it to life for your audience. Maybe it’s an unexpected way of marketing, but we know it works..It’s humanizing traditional marketing tactics.

And this human-centered approach to product, process and place gives you a strategy that resonates.